As a world-renowned high-end brand, KARLXTOM is committed to the development, production and sales of the world's top quality home appliances - portable countertop dishwashers.

2022 Portable Countertop Dishwasher

The right choice for easy dishwashing



    With ten years of product development experience, KARLXTOM continues to evolve with the needs of its customers, striving to be an innovative pioneer in the home appliance market.


    We have visited more than 1W households and thousands of different types of households. The size and size of the dishwasher is finally determined, which is a must experience for success.


    We will provide 1 year repair and replacement service for all products purchased at KARLXTOM. And reserve a professional team at any time to provide you with the help you need

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KARLXTOM has won honors all over the world with its excellent quality and price, and has become one of the top countertop dishwashers. Constant exploration and progress is the responsibility of KARLXTOM, and better experience and service are our mission.


Through continuous improvement, we control the water consumption per wash to 1.3Gal (5L), which saves 45% of energy consumption compared to other types of dishwashers and 80% of water consumption compared to hand washing while ensuring complete cleaning. Lower water consumption means less electricity consumption.


My product design comes from life, I get inspiration from different lifestyles, we like to create products that improve our lifestyles, not just sell them.


We provide lifetime technical support assistance to all customers who purchase products at KARLXTOM. When you get your first order on our website, our professional team is ready to help you with everything you need.


Mildred Mason

Travel Blogger

This is simply perfect! My favorite feature is that I don't have to install it on my faucet, it sits on my counter, and it dries my dishes! ! I wear it whenever I travel, more than I can imagine. This is the perfect size, and it can fit in more places without restrictions. This will be a recommended product.

Randy Tyler


I was disappointed when I moved into a space that didn't have a dishwasher. Because I have rheumatoid arthritis, which is also a legacy of my many years of housework. It becomes very difficult to clean by hand, I don't know how this is a reasonable product, it is very reliable and highly recommended.

Edwin MCKenzie


This is really a very functional dishwasher that will always have clean dishes for me before I get off work, giving me more time to cook better dinners for my kids. Breakfast I also no longer need to spend more time cleaning when I wake up, it makes you want to cook more when you see your sink is clean.